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Seniors Outdoor Activities for Stronger Mental Health

Senior Community Group

The idea of working out and exercising is often associated with “younger” individuals in modern times. Pop over to any Instagram page and you’ll likely see an unfathomable amount of photos of men and women showing off their carved bodies.  While there is nothing specifically wrong with these quests for perfecting the human form, one should never forget that there is no winning, and also that our bodies will change over time as we age. Each individual’s health is distinctly their own; while bulging biceps and tight quads may be more visually appealing for a period of time, it is arguably more important to simply stay active for decade after decade. You don’t need to necessarily spend three hours a day at the gym to gain all of the benefits that exercise and healthy living brings.

As healthy lifestyles continue to grow in importance for a large part of Americans, seniors stand to benefit from implementing a daily regime that focuses on improving their body and mind.  Seniors who suffer from mental health issues can also find solace and improvement by engaging in regular exercise; even if one does not necessarily suffer from a particular issue, you can gain much in terms of your overall mental wellbeing.

Self-care as a senior means that you need to eat right, think right and continue exercising in order to help promote an overall healthy lifestyle. So let’s take a look at some useful exercises:


Walking is the most basic of movements, as we use it to get around from our bedroom to the kitchen or other rooms in the house, in addition to just about every other activity during our daily lives.  The best part about walking is that you can choose your own pace, which means you can enjoy a leisurely walk, or make the workout more challenging by walking at a faster speed and choosing more difficult terrain. Consider looking into local trails near you in order to experience the beauty of the outdoors and semi-challenging terrain. By walking at least a half hour a day, you will be able to enjoy many health benefits for your mind and body.

Stretching and Flexibility

Have you ever stretched or yawned and felt a surge of comfortable feelings coursing through your body? Engaging in flexibility training allows you to maintain greater degrees of motion, reduce injuries and engage in meditative states of mind that can benefit you as you end up aging.

Strength Training

No, we aren’t talking about being able to perform 400 pound squats! What we’re talking about is giving our muscles throughout the body enough resistance that they continue to grow, expand and keep us younger in both mind and body.  Invest in some small weights within the range of one to ten pounds, and perform strength training tow to three times a week; this means focusing on your legs, your back, your upper body and your arms.

All of these exercises can be performed outdoors, and the more that you take advantage of spending time outdoors, the better you will be able to experience peace of mind and body. It’s no secret that our bodies will decay as we age: even at a young age! So to ensure that we go forward into the future in our best mental and physical health possible, take the time to engage in these types of exercises, especially outdoors, and you will likely begin to see the difference immediately.

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