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Acute Psychiatric Help for Seniors

Senior Psychiatric Help,

Senior Psychiatric Help

When it comes to mental health and dealing with the fallout from the various symptoms that can affect one’s life, seniors are often placed at a disadvantage and Senior Psychiatric Help can be hard to find.  As we get older, people often assume that older generations have experienced numerous challenges and faced difficult circumstances over the years, so they shouldn’t be as fazed by things; but nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, seniors have decades of experience that can help in many cases, but just because we grow older, it does not mean that we do not suffer from emotional problems, battle crippling depression or face various aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Senior Treatment

Seniors need help just as much as the younger generations, and unfortunately their experiences can be confusing and more difficult to identify at times, especially due to the nature of older age and potentially utilizing more medications. Of even more importance is the recognition of acute psychiatric illnesses, as seniors may have more difficulty in functioning daily while going through these mental health or behavioral health challenges. The inability to maintain one’s safety within their home or within their community due to their psychiatric condition means that they need the care and support of facilities and mental health specialists that can provide them with the opportunity to get the treatment they need.

Signs of A Struggle 

Seniors aged over 65 generally take at least one prescription drug per day, and overall consume around one-third of all prescription medications throughout the United States. They are more predisposed to suffer from negative side effects from this medication, as well as to potentially mismanage their medication at times. For some, it can mean experiencing chemical dependency issues, which is not something we generally associate with seniors or the elderly; however, it can absolutely happen. Ultimately, we need to realize that seniors can and do struggle with mental health issues just as much as adolescents and adults and Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health is here for Senior Psychiatric Help.

Our Program

A acute psychiatric inpatient program or Senior Psychiatric Help such as the one found at Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health, can provide answers for seniors who are struggling with acute symptoms and issues such as :

  • Suicidal behavior, suicidal ideations, or behavior that puts their health and well-being at risk
  • Reactive and assaultive behavior towards family members or individuals close to them
  • Psychosis or bizarre behaviors that they have never really experienced before
  • Problems with significant depression or crippling anxiety
  • An inability or a significant impairment to be able to attend to one’s daily activities

What We Offer

Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health is able to offer seniors a secure and comfortable environment that also encourages and enhances the participation of close family members during the healing process. It is able to provide seniors facing acute psychiatric issues with stability, as well as being able to effectively function as the specific needs of each man and woman are addressed. Likewise, we truly do believe that the role of the family is important during the process, especially for seniors who are dealing with these mental health challenges.

Acute Psychiatric Help

Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health provides acute psychiatric help for seniors by providing the following:

  • A comprehensive and thorough medical and psychological evaluation
  • Family, group and individual therapy depending on the circumstances
  • Medication management and instruction
  • Stabilization in a safe and welcoming environment that is geared towards the patient feeling as comfortable as possible to help enhance healing
  • Recreational therapy
  • Coordination of aftercare and treatment plans with community providers for the release of patients


For a completely free and confidential assessment, Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.  Call us at 855-537-2262 and let us help you or your loved ones with the best possible acute psychiatric treatment in the Wilmington, NC region.

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