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What is an Inpatient Program?

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What is a Good Inpatient Program?

An Inpatient program or psychiatric wards as displayed through the media, and especially television shows or movies often cast a negative light on it. When it comes to treatment for psychiatric illnesses, many individuals are understandably confused and afraid of what their experience would be like. There is no doubt that decades and decades ago, many of the treatment programs and techniques utilized were archaic, inhumane and downright wrong.  However, there has been a tremendous growth in the knowledge of the human mind, and many effective and proven treatments that have come along the way in order to help doctors and mental health specialists in their treatment of patients.

Common Fears

So in short, many of the common fears of inpatient psychiatric treatment can be allayed by recognizing that mental health treatment and science has advanced tremendously over the past several decades. Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health especially has one of the highest-quality experiences available in the state of North Carolina, so you know that you are in good hands. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with our inpatient program, and you can learn how it works and what to expect!


To begin with, our facility at Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. We offer a beautiful and spacious facility, which can help enhance moods and comfort levels. Living areas are comfortable; we also offer a large dining room, a gymnasium for various physical activities and exercises and a licensed private school and play yard with North Carolina certified teachers in the event that adolescents enter our inpatient program.

Various Programs

In regards to our actual programs, we offer both an Acute Psychiatric Inpatient program for Adolescents, as well as an adult and senior-focused inpatient program that can be tailored to one’s particular needs.

For Adolescents

The Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Program for Adolescents provides young boys and girls the necessary stabilization and treatment when facing a psychiatric crisis and cannot be safely kept at home or within their current living situation.  This program addresses the needs of young boys and girls from the ages of 12 to 17 years old, and is designed for youth that exhibit the following traits or characteristics:

  • Suicidal behavior or ideations of self-harm
  • Assaultive behavior towards family or friends
  • Psychotic and bizarre behaviors
  • Significant depression or anxiety
  • Extreme anger and explosive behavior or anger
  • An inability to function with regards to one’s daily activities


For adults and seniors that are facing acute psychiatric problems, we have an inpatient program that offers both short and long-term psychiatric treatment depending upon their particular situation and diagnosis. We are able to offer:

  • A structured and therapeutic environment
  • A treatment team that is lead by a physician, and also includes various mental health specialists
  • Treatments that are planned for each and every individual, not just a carbon copy for each patient.
  • Oversight by a physician in order to provide the best possible care and treatment
  • Intensive treatment that wouldn’t normally be available for outpatient care
  • Group therapy, as well as individual therapy
  • Coordination and discharge planning with outpatient services for life after leaving the treatment facility


Each and every patient that comes through our doors, adolescents, adults or seniors, all go through a vetting process where we evaluate their specific needs and where they stand in regards to their psychiatric issues. We then determine what sort of treatment will be required for the duration of their stay, and whether it will be short-term or long-term treatment that will be needed.


During the referral process, here is some recommended information to bring along and to provide to our staff:

  • Most current Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations
  • Medical history
  • IEP ( Individualized Education Plan)
  • Previous treatment history
  • Psychiatric assessment and History & physical from acute hospitalization ( If the client is currently in an acute setting)
  • Bring your Medicaid or Insurance ID card, as well as a copy of your Birth Certificate, Social Security card and any immunization records.

The entire inpatient process is seamless, and from the moment you enter our doors until your very last day here, you will receive nothing but the most effective care and treatment for your particular mental health issues.

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