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Tricare Healthcare Insurance

There has been a significant crisis brewing within our military, and until recently, it has been largely ignored. The rise in mental health challenges and behavioral health issues such as addiction has been on the rise for members of the United States military, and it is important to consider how this can affect both service members and their families. There are different ways that mental health issues can show up and affect men and women serving in the military, which makes it important to be able to identify potential warning signs and symptoms.

As a rule, there are generally three different aspects of mental health issues that are a primary concern. These fall under the realms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. Men and women on the front lines, facing battle situations or dealing with hazardous conditions are usually more susceptible to developing these issues, but the reality is that this can happen to anyone within the military.

So when it comes to having the support necessary to deal with mental health issues in the military, what exactly are the options? Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health is able to provide a significant focus on men and women specifically in the military in order to address their specific needs. We accept the military’s Tricare healthcare insurance, which makes getting treatment even easier.

Tricare itself offers a very comprehensive coverage plan for healthcare, and in turn it also offers mental and behavioral healthcare treatment.  Some of the conditions that you may be covered for through Tricare and are deemed medically necessary could be treatments such as Acute Inpatient Care, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Family Therapy, Psychological Testing, Psychotherapy, Substance Abuse Treatment and potentially others.  One of the best courses of action to take is to visit http://www.tricare.mil/ in order to determine if your particular healthcare plan will cover your particular mental or behavioral health needs.

The overall goal for our facility is to be able to provide members of the military with the acute psychiatric help they need. Issues such as suicidal behaviors and thought patterns, addiction issues with drugs, alcohol or painkillers and dealing with PTSD can be very, very serious. Admitting you need help is the first step in the right direction; talking to a trusted friend or family member can help you get the right words out in order to describe how you are feeling or what you are dealing with.

Ultimately, the goal is to help service members overcome their particular mental health issues; contact Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health at 855-537-2262 in order to speak with a mental health professional. Your phone call is free and completely confidential – start the journey towards recovery and healing today.

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